Sokhrates. Share. Earn. Transform
Ibiza es Wellness is a portal of information for the sector of sustainability and the promotion of a holistic lifestyle.
Today we wish to present a new way to impact the world, by sharing content and information in a very engaging way.
'Sokhrates' is the first social network that brings people together to support our planet Earth and those who live here.
It empowers the community to finance humanitarian projects without cash donations, but rather by using the social network. The model is simple; Sokhrates creates a strong community that shares content of interest as well as generating profit through Green Economy Advertising, (also called ‘responsible advertising’), of which 70% is allocated to non-profit organizations with very important missions.
The organizations funded are active in sensitive areas such as:

  • Education and Culture
  • Health and prevention
  • Animal protection
  • Forest and the Amazon
  • Green-Tech Innovation
  • Rivers and Oceans
  • Catastrophic areas
  • Prevention of Violence against children
Social media has become a very effective tool to promote products and services. Sokhrates offers to advertising investors not only a business opportunity, but also a door to effectively make a positive impact and change lives.
A New-economy is moving the world and now is the time for us to employ it to change the world for the better.
With new media, anyone can become a social hero and make an impact, just by joining the community and sharing content with others.
Be part of the change you wish to see in the world. Join here the community