Valorising, dismantling and recycling at Ca Na Negreta
Where does our rubbish go? How does dangerous waste get disposed of? Where can we sell our metals? Where do our cars go to rest in ‘pieces’... and above all, in Ibiza, do they eventually recycle the things we separate? To our great relief the last answer is -  yes they do!

We were invited by Juanco, from the ecologic association Amics de la Terra to visit the local recycling centre at Ca Na Negreta and to learn more about this delicate topic.

Here we discovered that while paper and carton, cans, plastic and glass are eventually sent to the peninsula to be recycled; such things as used oil, cars, batteries, tires, asbestos, appliances and dangerous waste are managed by the company Ca Na Negreta.  In the last 30 years this centre has re-enforced its commitment to sustainability and environmental efficiency and has been developing best practices for dealing with disused goods in Ibiza.

Resources are finite in nature, so when producing new goods, we need to already think what will happen at the end of their life cycle. Also because this process requires energy and water to operate, and the initial product cost increases to include recycling taxes. To improve this process, it is suggested to buy products with packaging made of one type of material only, not mixed.

Jose Antonio, the friendly representative from Ca Na Negreta, takes us through an amazing tour around what seems to be a kind of amusement park, but which is actually a very integrated dissembling plant for valorising, reusing, recycling, or eliminating residues.

The first section involves analysing the goods, then cleaning and separating all the elements. After this, they categorize it, keep some pieces for re-sale (such as car parts), cut it up or crush it, then they might sell it for recycling, or transform it into energy.

It’s a continuous cycle aimed at recuperating resources, which are limited and unnecessarily overexploited.

We also get to know that Ca Na Negreta buys all types of recoverable metals. For example, we can bring what we no longer use, such as: old frying pans, cookers, metal shelves, catering utensils, faucets, pipes, car and solar batteries etc, to help the environment and obtain economic reward.

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