Melania García y Samuel Mata
Burbujas de Ibiza - Organic Cosmetic
"Burbujas de Ibiza (Bubbles of Ibiza) is an artisan cosmetics and personal hygiene project which stands out for its commitment to quality and its respect for the environment"
  • Who: Melania García y Samuel Mata
  • What: Burbujas de Ibiza - Organic Cosmetic
  • Where: Atzaro Spa, Es Senalló, Herbarius, Pranathy, s`hortet verd, Savia, Can Escandell, Sa Tenda Sea Energy, Poco a Poco, Natural Living Ibiza
  • Nationality: Spanish
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1) Who are Melania and Samuel?

Melania and Samuel, who both live on Ibiza, decided to undertake this project for personal reasons: Melania has sensitive skin, and the difficulty of finding 100% personal hygiene and cosmetic products on the market encouraged the pair to study natural cosmetology and phytotherapy. The importance attached to the consumption of local products by Melania and Samuel led them to approach the island’s organic farmers so that they could use their produce as main ingredients and, in this way, offer high-quality, local, sustainable products. They then worked hard to create a workshop so that they could make and market their goods. In spite of the hard work involved in their project, they are very happy, and proud to contribute to the vitally important cause of supplying products that respect the environment. Melania is responsible for production and Samuel is respon

2) What make your project special?

Burbujas de Ibiza (Bubbles of Ibiza) is an artisan cosmetics and personal hygiene project which stands out for its commitment to quality and its respect for the environment. Our products are made with organic, locally-sourced ingredients. They are 100% natural, with no artificial preservatives, colourings or fragrances, and are suitable for use on sensitive skins. What makes us special is our collaboration with Ibiza’s organic suppliers, as without them the project would not exist. Thanks to their work, we are able to source the highest quality ingredients for use in the making of our products. Olive oil, beeswax, honey, sea water, aromatic plants... The production process is completely artisan, and does not produce waste that is harmful to the environment. Neither do we use plastic packaging, only glass, thereby producing a high-quality product that is also ethi

3) Why Ibiza?

I was born here, and I feel we need to safeguard our island’s natural remedies; our environment has so much to offer.

4) Ibiza is...

Ibiza is our home, a stunningly beautiful paradise, with wonderful people, cuisine and traditions.

5) A future Ibiza...

I want Ibiza to become self-sufficient, to consume much more locally-produced goods and to show more respect for the environment.

6) Proposals for a more sustainable Ibiza

Proposals for a more sustainable Ibiza… Much tighter controls in all sectors in order to reduce pollution and the damage that threatens our environment. We believe there should be more effective controls over waste management and over the importing of highly toxic materials that end up on our coasts. I would like to see the promotion of renewable energy and a respectful rural tourism. And to see improved awareness of the importance of using local, sustainable and organic products.