Tànit Salom
Ecoshop Natural Bioeivissa
"May your nutrition be your only medicine"
  • Who: Tànit Salom
  • What: Ecoshop Natural Bioeivissa
  • Where: Natural-1 in Vía Púnica, 42 & Natural-2 in c/Juan de Áustria, 20. Both shops are in Ibiza downtown. We also offer online shop.
  • Nationality: Spanish, Ibicenca
  • Web: http://bioeivissa.com/

1) Who is the person in charge of the project?

I’m in charge of Natural. The first healthy food shop that opened on Ibiza, back in 1979. My parents started the path, these days my team and I keep up with the business. We’re happy to observe how the consumption of healthy food is growing and evolving into preventive care in the society of our island.

2) Short description of your project and what make it special.

"May your nutrition be your only medicine.” Hipocrates. That’s the motto here at Natural. We are what we eat. More and more people are aware of how important it is to eat well, healthy, balanced. We have to vary our diet depending on our stage in life, pains, emotions and states of mind to overcome food allergies. Our body is never born ill, it gets ill due to our surrounding, how we feed ourselves. Apart from being just an organic supermarket, we would be delighted to see how our products can help you enjoy a healthier life. Our desire is for the customer to understand how important it is to practice pre-ventive medicine, free of side effects and to have a healthier diet. We are the oldest store on our sector, but we’re always modernizing. We have two physical stores in Ibiza town. And an online webpage that never sleeps (shop.bioeivissa.com). Natural-1 is placed in Vía Púnica nº 42, next to our storage and wholesale’s office. Recently, we moved the shop in Plaza del Parque into a much bigger location. You’ll find new Natural-2 in C/Juan de Austria nº 20.
When our street was converted into a pedestrian’s area, we decided to take advantage of that prime corner location in expectation of all the foot traffic.
Now, less than a month later, Born is already a real-ity. The first eco-friendly bar in the area that offers specialty coffee as being a Vermutería & Wine bar at the same time. Born is an Ibicencan word meaning jellyfish. With the bar, we wanted to have two major concepts, “Born to be Natural” during the morning for healthy breakfasts: smoothies with organic fruit and superfoods, and specialty coffee of direct trade roasted lighter to maintain the aroma and healthy properties of the coffee bean. “Born to be Wine” happens in the evening – vermouth, wine, and cold gourmet tapas. A bar with only quality products. Where you can also find gluten-free options, organic vermouth and sulfite-free and organic wines. It is located in the leisure-epicenter of Vi

3) Why do you decide to create your project in Ibiza?

I’m ibicencan. This is my home.

4) Ibiza is...

Quality of life. I enjoy wandering around the globe, but every time I have to come back to my island, I’m happy as well.

5) How do you imagine a future Ibiza?

I am optimistic, so I hope we will have fixed some things on time. To me, above all, we need to take advantage of what we have and reuse. We need more people aware that the real recycling is to consume consciously. Any gesture to not waste makes a difference; carry a cloth bag or shopping basket, open the windows instead of turning on your air conditioning, unplug appliances when they are not in use, reuse old shirts creatively or at least for rags! There is nothing in-finite in this life, so on the island there should be more resources to educate those who visit us. For example, not allowing yachts to anchor on posidonia algae, nor allowing all those pirates, who take advantage of the name of our island, to exploit labourers looking for decent rent without having to share flat with 6 people; we have an excess supply in Ibiza that want to make money with mass tourism. I just hope people realize that the real luxury of our island is to enjoy it in tranquility and without excessive clustering.

6) Proposals for a more sustainable Ibiza

My first proposal would be to require the Spanish government to withdraw the “sun tax”. Summer is when this island suffers most from an excessive energy demand, and at the same time, is when we have more hours of sunshine. It is illogical to ban this renewable energy in our isolated geographical situation and with such clear seasonality. I'm sure Ibiza could be self-sustaining, and it would also be the most economical and clean solution! I recommend you to watch the documentary "IBIZA AND FORMENTERA 100% RENOVABLES”.
My second proposal would be to teach in the schools to consume with conscience.
We are loosing our roots. It is true that more and more people are practicing a healthy lifestyle, and I want to think that they do it to feel good and healthy, not because it is trendy. But I still see a lot of people manipulated by marketing, social rewards, misleading advertising, and I do not like it at all. We should buy for people, not corporate industries. Get to know the local shops of your neighborhood, not only the huge chains that do not hesitate to lower the quality of food of their customers to earn more money. Sustainable consumption. Look for local producers, consume seasonal foods, a consumption with heart. But without wanting to reach extremes because these are not good either.