Awa Djabou Baidi
Awa Yoga Center
"The temple is a special place for its students, who understand and respect the place and its practice. "
  • Who: Awa Djabou Baidi
  • What: Awa Yoga Center & Xereca Hotel
  • Where: carrer des Torrent s/n. Puig d'en Valls. 07813 Ibiza
  • Nationality: Camerún
  • Web:,
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1) Who is Awa Djabou Baidi?

I head the Awa Yoga project in Hotel Xereca. Having been a sportswoman for 20 years, I discovered yoga about 18 years ago and I still think of myself as a student. I worked at a number of gyms on the island where I learned a lot and I've been teaching yoga classes for nearly 10 years now. And at last I've fulfilled my dream of opening and managing my own yoga temple, Awa Yoga. Watch video: here. Facebook: here.

2) What’s special about your project?

The temple is a special place for its students, who understand and respect the place and its practice. The temple is special because its architecture is reminiscent of a Japanese temple, surrounded by bamboo and nature, with views of a fully refurbished old mill that also has a uniquely designed cromotherapy shower inside. The centre is easily accessed from the most important points on the island, only 5 km away from Ibiza town! It’s part of the Hotel Xereca, with plenty of on-site parking and space for up to 22 students in the room. I lead most of the classes, and the classes we teach are: Power Hatha, Vinyasa, Back to Basics, Pilates, combined with walks and outdoor activities. We also hold special gatherings like Sound Baths, Picnic-Yoga, celebrations plus Yoga and Multiactivity Retreats in an idyllic Agroturismo, you really shouldn’t miss it! (+Info: Awa Yoga Retreat)

3) Why Ibiza?

Because as far as I’m concerned, I’m from Ibiza, that’s how I feel.

4) Ibiza is...

For me, Ibiza is my adoptive island, it’s where I discovered what I wanted to do with my life, and nowadays it’s the only place I feel at home after Cameroon, my homeland, where my parents and relatives live. Now, here on Ibiza, I've created my own family.

5) The Ibiza of the future...

I imagine a greener, cleaner, more ecological place.

6) Suggestions for making Ibiza more sustainable...

Suggestions, I’ll keep it short...hahaha, I've got lots: publicising and holding mass cleaning sessions on the island’s beaches and beauty spots; gradually doing away with plastic shopping bags and using recyclable bags; raising awareness amongst the younger generation; more electric cars and everybody working together to get rid of other kinds of cars on the island; more bike lanes; more public transport and only allowing ecological minibuses to access Ibiza town; keeping direct flights to and from main European cities to a minimum in winter and attracting quality tourism that respects the island; giving the same advertising space to Wellness Centres, Yoga and Meditation Centres and gyms as is given to discos and bars, reminding people that many of these centres are equipped to offer a wide range of things in both summer and winter.