Maribel Juan
Apaeef (Association of Organic Producers of Ibiza and Formentera)
"Our culture, our light, our sea, our nature, our biodiversity... all these things inspire me and give me strength from day to day."
  • Who: Maribel Juan
  • What: Apaeef (Association of Organic Producers of Ibiza and Formentera)
  • Where: Polígono Sa Blanca Dona, sala Polivalente escorxador insular, Eivissa
  • Nationality: Spanish, Ibiza
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1) Who is Maribel Juan?

I was born on the island of Ibiza, for which I have an enormous affection. So I was keen to become involved in its care, and I participated in several environmental awareness-raising projects, such as the World Environment Day activities organised in Jesús. I joined the Association of Organic Producers of Ibiza and Formentera (Apaeef) and I’ve taken part in projects on farming estates such as Can Obrador and, currently, Can Fontet. Both estates belong to the Ecofeixes cooperative, which is an association of 11 organic producers which have joined forces to raise awareness of organic produce among the inhabitants of Ibiza.

2) What’s special about your project?

Apaeef is an organisation that aims to promote, disseminate and offer training in organic farming. It was set up in 2001 and, thanks to the efforts of its members and partners, it is encouraging in new farmers, professionalising the sector and raising awareness of the benefits of growing and consuming local organic produce. The Ecofeixes cooperative was set up 4 years ago by farmers who were also members of Apaeef, and who wanted to work together to offer local organic produce to the island’s consumers.

3) Why Ibiza?

I was motivated to join the association when I saw how the island’s cultivated land had been neglected, and I felt a need to be part of their recovery and regeneration. Also, I wanted to spread the message that local organic farming is the solution to many of the environmental and health problems that currently affect us.

4) Ibiza is...

Ibiza is where I grew up, and it is a place for which I have the highest regard: our culture, our light, our sea, our nature, our biodiversity... all these things inspire me and give me strength from day to day.

5) The Ibiza of the future...

Ibiza should be an island where residents and tourists alike have a greater respect for nature and culture. It should achieve a better balance in the number of tourists it allows in; Ibiza is a limited area which is currently very overcrowded.

6) Suggestions for making Ibiza more sustainable...

We should turn the island into an agro-ecological area, where renewables are the primary source of energy, with a road infrastructure designed for people, not vehicles (by restoring paths and creating bicycle lanes). We should encourage the recovery of land-based work and local produce, limit the number of tourists visiting the island and the number of vessels on our seas. We should promote environmental education and social cooperation.