Laura Olmedo Vicente
B.I.O Experience / Boats Ibiza Online
"I feel that the one who loves or visits this island, feels relaxed, with freedom to be oneself and that makes it my corner of the world"
  • Who: Laura Olmedo Vicente
  • What: B.I.O Experience / Boats Ibiza Online
  • Where: Calle Murcia, 10 Ibiza Coworking 07800 (Ibiza)
  • Nationality: Spanish / Melilla
  • Web:
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1) Who is Laura Olmedo Vicente?

Myself! I am 38, at present I am a freelance yacht charter and sales broker, with a small business in Ibiza. I come from an IT Background of more than 12 years that led me to the position of Service Delivery Manager. When I came back to Spain, I worked with several boat charter companies with which to date, I still have a great relationship. I wanted to focus on this project that has naturally taken shape during my permanent stay on this island, a nature paradise surrounded by water; I believe holistic wellness and local services on board are a worthy experience and contribute to the Wellness of Ibiza itself too.

2) What’s special about your project?

The B.I.O. Experience offers services aboard a boat during one or several days of rental, divided into 3 categories: food and drink, treatments and fitness and water activities or even at land, using local products, ecological and sustainable as far as possible . What makes it special, besides being an innovative service on the Island in the nautical sector, is that I am not alone, each service is led by a professional or company that has joined this project with the idea of offering the essence of Ibiza on board, and it is a live and open project, hence its name.

3) Why Ibiza?

Ibiza chose it more exactly. I came to live here several years ago and I have learned what makes Ibiza have a special meaning, we grow our vegetables at home and use local markets, I research navigation routes that offer a special contact and connection with our environment, I use products from natural cosmetics and respect very much the idea of taking care of the place where I live, which is Ibiza.

4) Ibiza is...

Ibiza for me is a place where there is a magic, a history and a tradition that are worth knowing and that we must make endure. I feel that the one who loves or visits this island, feels relaxed, with freedom to be oneself and that makes it my corner of the world

5) The Ibiza of the future...

I imagine it more deseasonalized, with activities and life all year, with opportunities to do tourism in winter and with special offers to residents for example. And taken care of and adapted to all possible sustainability measures, it is essential that this island feeds on its own life.

6) Suggestions for making Ibiza more sustainable...

I have many ideas; in the sector where I work, for example: promote sailing boat charters, control of motor emissions and help boats in waste management and recycling; small self-sufficient electric boats via solar energy for sustainable and more affordable boat trips or even for garbage collection or other services to boats, more buoy fields as well and of course the B.I.O. Experience!